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Passwords & Security

My mother used to keep her many (50+) passwords written on a Manila envelope in a drawer next to her PC. As an upgrade to her Internet security, she bought the password logbook pictured here.

As I chuckled at her purchase, she wanted to know what I used to remember passwords. I began telling about my software solution, 1Password by Agilebits.

Her complaints about a software solution:

1. Does not want to have to create a unique password for each site.
2. Does not want to copy and paste usernames and password for each site she visits.
3. Does not want to enter all the login info on each of her devices.

Of course, I told her that all of her concerns had been solved with the creation of 1Password. The passwords can be generated by the program. Also, you can designate how many letters, numbers, or special characters are included in the password.

Next, I told her that if you save the URL of a site in 1 Password, it will suggest the login information when you visit the site. 1Password will auto fill the login information and submit it for validation. “What could be easier,?” I asked.

Lastly, and my personal favorite feature, 1Password can be synced across multiple devices and multiple platforms to keep all your login info on all her devices – PC, iPhone, and iPad. All passwords are saved in an encrypted file by the program. This file can be synced across devices with iCloud, Dropbox, or many other cloud storage sites.

And for all of this she only needs to remember one password.